Train the Trainer Program

The ongoing Train-the-Trainer program continues to evolve. It grew out of the Penn State University professional development program that that we had for a number of years. If we offer a standalone train the trainer program such as, “Learning for Trainers” or “Train-the-Trainer”, they are generic in nature and the goal is to give those that are trainers, those that are responsible for in-house training for their company and aspiring trainers, the confidence to become more proficient with training, more familiar with the unique tools that trainers use and become more organized.

A program walks the attendees through some of the basics that any trainer should follow. This includes the administrative portion – timeline for the day, the basics of speaking to a group, understanding adult learners, various instructional styles and tools, managing the learning, the importance of having an organized lesson plan and the development of a lesson plan.

The attendees don’t just learn they practice in front of their peers and work within groups. At the conclusion of this program, “students” realize that in order to be a trainer, much preliminary work needs to be done so the audience believes you are an expert in your field!

This program has evolved. The goal of the Train-the-trainer program is to deliver a consistent message with the training. When a topic is identified, then we find a trainer that is an expert in that field. For example, our first one-day topic class was ECM Technology and Christopher Mohalley did the training. The next year, basic electricity with Carol Fey and in 2012 she worked with trainers on “How to Teach the Basics of Energy Controls” and this past year, Tim Begoske, Field Controls helped our trainers with teaching venting. Trainers all receive a power point presentation prepared and used by the trainer and they learn what props can help reinforce the learning. The added benefit is that attendees present and learn with peers.

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