OESP Courses

Home Comfort Specialist Academy

The program helps members best address consumers’ energy concerns. The program includes one-time courses, as well as series.

This program is designed for the non-technical HVAC salesperson who needs technical information to best address customer’s energy needs. Customer Service professionals and technicians will also benefit from this program.

The course is 4-5 full days over an 18-month period. Classes will be delivered in a classroom setting, online and at the annual EEE conference. Tuition costs are modest.


The Professional Serve Manager's Academy (PROSMA) Program is designed for existing managers, owners and technicians that want to move into management. There are many topics including leadership, becoming a trainer, management skills, communications, human resources, employee development and process improvement.

Train the Trainer

The ongoing Train-the-Trainer program continues to evolve.

It grew out of a Penn State University professional development program. The goal is to give those who are trainers, those who are responsible for in-house training for their company and aspiring trainers, the confidence to become more proficient with training.

The program walks attendees through some of the basics that any trainer should follow.

This includes the administrative portion – timeline for the day, the basics of speaking to a group, understanding adult learners, various instructional styles and tools, managing the learning, the importance of having an organized lesson plan and the development of a lesson plan.

The attendees practice in front of their peers and work within groups. At the conclusion of this program, “students” realize that in order to be a trainer, much preliminary work needs to be done so the audience recognizes your expertise in your field.

Still have more questions?

Contact OESP Association Headquarters at 888-552-0900 or email info@thinkoesp.org

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