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OESP’s mission is Education and we are always looking at ways to support that mission – either at the chapter level, convention time or even on-the-road.  Below are samples of the classes we can put together and deliver.  Many earn both NATE and NORA CEU’s but if not, we can take care of that too.  You can also contact the trainer directly to set-up a class for your company or chapter.  Many of these sessions include a brief outline for you to review.  Simply click on the title. 

Management Classes

  • Productivity ratios
  • Cost of a Call Back
  • Breakeven billable hours
  • Cost of shagging parts
  • Managing inventory

How to develop a Service Budget

The company you work for has just bought a company 20 miles outside of your market, Log Cabin Oil Company. It is a rather large company that has been in business since 1945 and has a decent reputation with customers. Everyone in your company is excited that this has happened and you are beginning to wonder who is going to run the service department in the new company. You know that the current Service Manager at Log Cabin Oil, Tom Fay announced his retirement at the last OESP meeting. Just at that moment you get a call from your boss asking you to meet him and the owner of your company in his office right away. You walk in and sit down and they greet you with CONGRATULATIONS  …. You are now the new Service Manager of Log Cabin Oil.

They tell you all the things that will be expected from you in this new position and talk extensively about finding ways to turn the service department around. It seems it is losing almost a half million dollars a year and your mission will be to make it profitable as soon as possible. The owner hands you a stack of papers relating to the service department and asks you to start to prepare a budget and a plan to get Log Cabin Oil moving in a positive direction. You are excited, happy and a bit concerned because you have never had to develop a budget on your own.

This two part, 4 hour course, is designed for the Service Manager or Supervisor who would like to develop a better understanding of the budgeting process.  


  • Why work with a budget?
  • How do I start?
  • What can be gained by planning out the whole year in advance?
  • What information will I need and how do I get it?
  • What are the controllable expenses?
  • What role do I play in increasing revenue?


  • Evaluating the status quo. What is a baseline budget?
  • How much work do we expect to do?
  • How much staff do I need?
  • How can I reduce expense?
  • How can I help increase revenues?
  • How do I evaluate results?
  • What are realistic goals to set for Service profitability?

Each participant will have the opportunity to take what they learned during these sessions and apply it to their own company’s needs.

Human Resources

  • Interview skills and hiring
  • Employee Reviews
  • Writing Job Descriptions
  • Building a Winning Team

ServiceEdge™ will provide customized Customer Service Training for customer service representatives.  Customer service personnel are your front line when customers call or come into the office.  It is critical that they are trained to communicate in an effective and knowledgeable way to each customer or new potential customer.  ServiceEdge™ focuses on two components:

1.  CSRs being able to effectively communicate the value proposition on company offerings including positive communication regarding oil heat, pricing programs, new high efficient oil heat equipment, etc.

2.  Demeanor, tone and diction through tailored customer service training.  In addition to soft skills, ServiceEdge™ incorporates process flow and analysis of call routing, volume and basic communication skills in our training sessions.

Roger has worked with our chapters and national delivering classes.  He also offers webinars.  This particular session, Building Business Through Better Internal Relations, was delivered at our 2015 event.  As we all know, good communication skills foster mutual respect for each other, trust, integrity, credibility, unity of purpose and high performance among the team.

Topics covered included:

  • Better understanding assertiveness and how to build healthy relationships with team members.
  • Practical ways to relate to others with greater honestly and respect.
  • Defining sarcasm and blame and looking at it’s destructiveness in building healthy relationships.

Other topics covered:

  • 11 Basic relationship rights
  • How to ask for what you want
  • How to stop enabling poor performance
  • Triangulation among the team
  • How to conduct meetings that foster high performance
  • Boundaries, time management and saying “NO”

Certifications – Earn NATE-NORA CEU’s

An ounce of protection can go a long wayTaking a proactive approach to overall tank management – from installation to regular check-ups – will protect your customers.  Many companies already do regular tank inspections and have procedures in place for proper installations, but getting your people NORA Tank Certified is one way to demonstrate your commitment to your customers and in many cases, your insurance company.

Earn 8 NORA CEU’s

NATE – #1587-0026

Ralph Adams, Parker Fuel Company and National V.P. will be teaching this session August 5th, Kalarai Resorts, Mount Pocono, PA to register, click here.

Contact us for a trainer – Dave Holdorf, Taco has taught this session for OESP.

Technical Classes – Earn NATE-NORA CEU’s

Honeywell Gas Combustion: 3.5 hours

Featuring live fire hands on labs

  • Honeywell Control Series Designations
  • Flame Detection
  • Intermittent Pilot controls
  • Direct Spark and Hot Surface Ignition Controls
  • Advanced Burner Controls
  • Hands On Lab – wiring and firing
  • Using Meters to test and trouble shoot

  • Profitability Story of Wi-Fi and Redlink
  • Consumer Demands for Connected Solutions
  • Wi-Fi or Redlink ? What fits you and Your Customers Needs
  • Wi-Fi Systems – Theory, Installation and Set up
  • Redlink Products – History and Overview
  • Prestige IAQ
  • New Redlink Vision Pro
  • Wireless Accessories and Internet Gateway
  • Selections for Zoning and Non zoned Systems
  • How to sell and Promote

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