School Partnerships

Engaging Students

OESP invites students and their instructors to our conventions, trade show and other special events throughout the year. OESP will often pay for a bus to provide transportation for students to participate.  Local chapters are eager to support the effort as well as sponsoring the events.

At the conference, students regularly meet with OESP members, exhibitors and attend classes geared specifically for them. There are also fun competitions, with students competing against each other in various energy services projects. The winning school takes home a grand prize, a plaque and plenty of valuable contacts with OESP members seeking the next generation of talented staff.

Partnering in Education

OESP is pleased to partner with tech schools. One great example is the annual competition between the Bronx Construction and Design Academy in New York City and Saunders High School in Yonkers, NY. This event is sponsored by the New York City and Westchester chapters, and is held in the spring. Many volunteers come together to ensure a tremendous educational opportunity for the students, as well as an introduction to the many opportunities OESP offers.

OESP is proud to provide scholarships for students. For more information click HERE.

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Still have more questions?

Contact OESP Association Headquarters at 888-552-0900 or email

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